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The Safety Stop – How Do Your Buddy Diving Skills Measure Up

Diving with a buddy is core to all scuba certification courses. It’s right up there next to the rule that you never ever hold your breath. Yet many divers seem to feel that the longer they’ve been diving, the less important it is to follow the simple buddy diving rules that can be lifesaving in an emergency. This is even more important if you’re diving with someone for the first time or if you or your buddy are new or using new equipment.

Having a dedicated buddy for your dive not only helps keep you safe in the event you have an equipment failure (because there really is NOT a good reason to run out of air), but it also makes you responsible for helping them if they experience a problem. So doing a proper pre-dive check is vital to confirm that you both are familiar with each other’s gear and that it’s all functioning properly. PADI teaches the “burger with relish and fries” system.

  1. BCDs: connected, at comfortable height, and functioning
  2. Weights: right amount of weight for conditions and properly secured
  3. Releases: confirm fastened and working and that each knows where their buddy’s are located and how to operate
  4. Air: tank valves fully open, gauges and primary regulator and alternate air source working properly, sufficient air for planned dive, and if diving Nitrox confirm it’s been analyzed with a computer set for proper oxygen percentage
  5. Final check: head-to-toe checks that each has all equipment (mask, fins, weights, light, camera, etc.) with all hoses and loose devices secured before entering the water

How does your pre-dive routine compare?

November 2019

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