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Reef Divers Boats Provide Safe, Comfortable Rides to the Reefs

Clearly Cayman owns the largest fleet of Newton dive boats in the world—twelve total 42- and 46-foot boats across all three of our resorts. All were designed by divers and custom-built for us to ensure comfort and safety. Our dive boats are certified to the highest safety standards by the American Bureau of Shipping and our staff members are trained in the management and operation of all the safety equipment on our vessels and diving and maritime emergency response.

Every Clearly Cayman dive boat has these built-in features to provide for divers’ safety and comfort:

  •  VHF radio, cell phone, diver emergency recall system, emergency oxygen, AED, first aid kit, and US Coast Guard-approved boat safety equipment
  • Hang line and regulator for low on air and safety stops
  • Plenty of shade in addition to sunning areas on the forward and aft decks and bridge
  • Comfortable bench seats, convenient gear storage area, and tank racks
  • Restroom facility and freshwater shower for rinsing off photo gear and yourself post-dive
  • Towels, snacks, and fresh cold water on board for divers’ comfort
  • Easy exit from the water using dive ladders and handrails.
  • Padded camera table in the cabin to protect underwater photo gear


November 2019