Welcome to Little CAYMAN BEACH Resort

Reef Divers Staff Members Focus on Dive Safety and Enjoyment

It takes someone with very special qualities to be a Reef Divers staff member. We often review more than 100 job applications to find one great match. We look for individuals who are passionate about taking care of our guests and the marine environment and are focused on ensuring diver safety. They must be able to make it a great day for every diver in their care.

These Reef Divers Pros Will Care for You on Your Next Visit to Little Cayman Beach Resort:


Sharon is from Capetown, South Africa, and has been diving since 2001. She decided to learn to dive to escape the rat race – and she probably couldn’t have found a better place than Little Cayman. Sharon loves the silence and tranquility she experiences while underwater. She is Manager of Reef Divers and was honored with the 2018 Stingray Award as Watersports Manager of the Year by the Cayman Islands Tourism Association.

Brasston, a.k.a. Brassy, hails from a small town an hour north of Atlanta, GA. Brassy got into scuba diving, after she was gifted a PADI Open Water Course for Christmas in 2021. After a year of loving the sport, Brassy was “all in” and decided to pursue a diving career. Brassy loves the small island community on Little Cayman. She loves showing visitors all the things she loves about Little Cayman and wants them to fall in love with the island just like she did!

Robyn is from Cambridge, Canada and learned to dive in 2017 while she was in Cambodia. Ever since she was a child, Robyn always wanted to discover the secret world of the sea! When she is enjoying the weightlessness of scuba diving, Robyn likes to wave at fish as if they were just passing each other on the sidewalk! Robyn enjoys the simplicity of living on Little Cayman, away from the hustle and bustle.

Paul is originally from South London, UK, and found his love of scuba diving whilst he was traveling around Australia in 1995. It was the tranquility of being underwater that led Paul to build a career around the sport he loves.

Like many of our Reef Divers staff, Paul loves the kind and caring people of Little Cayman.

Thibault is a long way from his hometown, a small village in the French Alps. He started diving while he was in college, 20 years ago, on the Mediterranean coast. Although the water was cold and visibility terrible, he liked discovering this new world and the sense of adventure it gave him. 

Thibault has recently taken up cave diving, reigniting his passion for scuba diving.

Brad was born in Hampshire, England but moved to Central Portugal at the age of 7. While leisurely diving on the Mediterranean island of Ibiza, he caught the scuba diving bug (it’ll get ya!) and began pursuing a dive career, eventually completing his IDC in 2019 on Cape Verde.

Brad loves exploring the underwater world, especially exploring historical sites like shipwrecks, sunken towns, and ports.

David is from Paris, France, and earned his scuba diving certifications while traveling. Ever since he was a child, he had an interest in the underwater world and completed his first dive at 11 years old.

Little Cayman is the perfect place for David with warm, welcoming people, clear blue water, and colorful corals. After being on the island for only a week, David said he felt a home!


Manon is originally from a small town in the South of France, and began diving as she was curious about the underwater world. She has a passion for cave diving and enjoys the challenges it poses. For Manon, the silence and tranquility of scuba diving is what she enjoys most.

When looking for a new diving opportunity, Manon was looking for a quiet place by the sea – and Little Cayman was the winner! We’re glad to have her at Reef Divers.


Ken grew up in Menen, a small city in Belgium, near the border of France. When he was younger he loved the movie Finding Nemo and that piqued his interest in exploring the underwater world. Ken loves the peace that scuba diving brings him, and the mystery of what he’ll see on the next dive.

In addition to scuba diving,  Ken loves the warm and welcoming atmosphere of Little Cayman, as well as the weather and fantastic views.

Fabio was born in Lisbon, Portugal, and began diving in 2017. From a very young age, Fabio was aware of the underwater world and always longed to explore beneath the waves. Since he became a certified diver, he hasn’t stopped diving and worked to become an Instructor. The best part of scuba diving for Fabio is being able to breathe underwater and explore a new world, the feeling of weightlessness is incredible.

Sophia is from Chicago, Illinois and has always loved the water! She began scuba diving at just 12 years old and has developed her passion for the sport into a career. She loves the wonder, excitement, and peace that the underwater world offers.

Sophia loves Little Cayman beacuse it is so quiet and peaceful, and, it boasts such a diverse ecosystem above and below the water!

Hailing from Spain, Altynai comes from the coastal town of Lloret de Mar. She ventured into the world of scuba diving at just 11 years old when her parents gifted her an open water course for her birthday. Later on, when she was 16, Altynai began working in the dive center where she first learned.

Altynai enjoys the close connection with wildlife and the adventurous lifestyle that accompanies a career in scuba diving.


Ragnar, from Reykjavik, Iceland, did his first ever dive as a Discover Scuba experience in a pool in Iceland in 2014. Later that year he got certified in Guatemala while backpacking Central America, because he thought divers were the coolest people around. He still does.

Ragnar loves the feeling of weightlessness as he glides through the water as well as hunting invasive lionfish.