No Better Place to Learn to Dive or Get Continuing Diver Education

Whether learning to scuba dive is your dream, you’ve been out of the water for a while and need a refresher, or you just want to gain some additional skills, Reef Divers instructors are available to provide personal, professional instruction. We’re both a PADI and SSI instructional facility and offer a wide variety of classes, which are available with arrangement in advance.


One of our most popular options is to complete open water certification either online or at a local dive shop that has limited access to warm, clear water for the open water certification dives. In most cases, you do these dives with a Reef Divers instructor and are accompanied on the boat by your certified family members and friends. With the successful completion of four dives over two days, you’ll be certified and able to continue diving with them for the rest of your vacation.

Reef Divers honors direct referrals from current PADI and SSI instructors, however we do not accept Universal Referrals. If your instruction was through a different agency, we can still complete your SCUBA certification for you but it may require one extra day to conduct a pool skills assessment and administer a written exam prior to the open water dives. Your certification will then be issued through PADI or SSI.

Inquire about scuba instruction on your next vacation to Liitle Cayman Beach Resort.

Carefree Valet Diving

Reef Divers Dose all the lifting!


If you’ve been out of the water for some time or feeling rusty, consider taking a short refresher course upon your arrival on island. It’s an easy way to brush up on skills so your first boat diving experience is a positive one.

Interested in improving your skills or learning new ones? We offer a wide variety of certifications for divers who have already completed their open-water certification with any agency. From Advanced Open Water to specialties like Fish ID, Underwater Naturalist, Boat Diver, and more—continuing education helps you hone your skills to prepare you for a lifetime of fun, safe diving.

If you’re interested in additional safe bottom time, we can work with you to complete an Enriched Air Diver certification course. You can start online or take the entire class on island in as few as three hours to start diving with nitrox, which has a higher concentration of oxygen than normal breathing air to help make your dives longer and safer. At Reef Divers, we fill our tanks with nitrox 32% oxygen.


After confirming with us that we have the ability to complete your certification during your stay, use one of the links below to get started on the online portion of your training, which we will complete when you get to our resort. This will include a review of the knowledge you gained from the online activities plus learning skills in shallow water that are necessary to be a safe diver and progress to your certification. Plan three to four days for complete certification.


Follow the link to your desired PADI online learning course:

Reef Divers is a PADI dive center, however, we do accept Universal Referrals from other agencies.

Bring Your Students to Complete Their Certification

If you’re an instructor, consider bringing your entire class and completing your students’ open-water certifications in our clear, nearly current-free waters that are teeming with marine life. Or, we welcome you to provide instruction at our resort or from our boats—with advance notice and the addition of Reef Divers as an “also insured” on your policy.