We Take Protecting the Earth and Seas Very Seriously

  We are stewards of the natural resources of our islands and the oceans to ensure future generations of guests can continue to be inspired by their beauty and diversity. A Clearly Cayman Dive Resort Core Value These are part of our company’s “Earth & Sea Friendly” program: Reduce plastic waste by using compostable beverage […]

I’ve Seen That – Acanthemblemaria Aspera

For divers who take the time to hover over reefs looking for small marine life, you’ve hopefully been rewarded with glimpses of the cute roughhead Blenny (Acanthemblemaria aspera). They are fairly common to our Cayman Caribbean and easier to spot with the yellow coloration as in this photo than in other colors which blend with […]

The Safety Stop – Why Good Buoyancy is Important

One of the hardest skills to perfect but necessary for becoming a good diver is managing your buoyancy. Being able to achieve that state of neutral buoyancy where you neither sink nor float up is vital for you to glide effortlessly through the water. It’s also important for the protection of the marine environment as […]

Meet Mark, Lead Bartender at Cayman Brac Beach Resort

Mark is one of the smiling faces you’ve seen at our resort the past 4 years – one who always remembers your name and what you like to drink. He’s originally from Pampanga, Philippines, which is about 1 hour from Manilla. His Dad was a pastry chef at the resort. So, after completing his BS […]

No More Paper for Reef Divers Registrations

Reef Divers’ registration paperwork is now online. We want you to start your vacation by relaxing, so it’s no longer necessary to print out and bring your forms with you or fill them out when you arrive. We will send you an email with link to complete your registration about 30 days prior to your […]

More to Love About Your Next Dive Vacation

If some of the best, world-class diving in the Caribbean is NOT enough for your next vacation, check out these new experiences available to guests at Clearly Cayman Dive Resorts. Learn how to take better underwater photos with personal coaching by our pro at the Reef Divers Photo Center at Little Cayman Beach Resort. Learn More You’ve got […]

Clearly Cayman Dive Log – Windows

Although he has great love for every site around his home of Cayman Brac, BJ’s new favorite dive is Windows—one located just below the 141-foot Bluff at the far southeastern end of the island. It’s one of the most recently opened moorings by the Cayman Islands Department of Environment and is only accessible when the […]

The Safety Stop – How Do Your Buddy Diving Skills Measure Up

Diving with a buddy is core to all scuba certification courses. It’s right up there next to the rule that you never ever hold your breath. Yet many divers seem to feel that the longer they’ve been diving, the less important it is to follow the simple buddy diving rules that can be lifesaving in […]

Reef Divers Boats Provide Safe, Comfortable Rides to the Reefs

Clearly Cayman owns the largest fleet of Newton dive boats in the world—twelve total 42- and 46-foot boats across all three of our resorts. All were designed by divers and custom-built for us to ensure comfort and safety. Our dive boats are certified to the highest safety standards by the American Bureau of Shipping and […]

I’ve Seen That – Lobatus gigas

This cool creature is the Queen Conch (pronounced konk), otherwise known as Lobatus gigas. Divers must be very patient when trying to take their photos. These animals quickly withdraw their beady eyes back into their shells upon approach. Queen conchs are also a commercially important species to the culture and fisheries of the Caribbean Sea […]