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The Safety Stop – Ideas for Making Your Next Dive Trip Less Stressful

Many of us work an entire year to save money for a great dive vacation. Here are our top five tips to help you avoid frustration on your next trip:

  • Pack a bathing suit, a change of clothes with undies, your mask, and the bare-essential toiletries in your small carry-on bag. If by chance you get separated from your luggage, you’ll have what you need to get through your first day without missing any dives. We provide free rental gear if your dive equipment gets delayed.
  • Less is more, so pack as lightly as possible. Additional fees for overweight, oversized, or extra bags can add substantially to the cost of your dive vacation.
  • Test out all dive equipment (including new gear) far enough in advance of your trip to allow time for servicing, if needed.
  • Take a photo with your phone of your C-cards, as proof of your certifications or as back-ups if yours get lost (both sides if there’s important information on the back).
  • Bring layers or exposure protection (wetsuit, vest, hood, skin, etc.). Everyone’s idea of a comfortable temperature is different. After a couple of three-dive days, even the most chill-resistant divers may feel cool during that third dive. With layers you can adjust.
August 2019