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Reef Divers Underwater Photo Center – Now Open on Little Cayman

Interested in learning or becoming better at underwater photography? Now there’s a Sister Island resource for training and assistance with equipment, skills, and even post-production photo editing with the opening of Reef Divers Underwater Photo Center at Little Cayman Beach Resort.

Little Cayman has been the backdrop to many award-winning underwater photos and videos. Its great visibility, abundant marine life—much of it within 30 feet of the surface—and stunning topography provide photographers and videographers with inspirational subjects for practicing and perfecting their craft.

The Photo Center is staffed by our own underwater photo pro, Tiago Peixoto, who’s available for personal coaching and wet or dry classes year-round, although we do recommend making advance arrangements. Tiago has many years of experience in underwater photography and recently completed training with Backscatter Underwater Video & Photo, renowned experts in this field, to be able to troubleshoot guests’ equipment and perform certain repairs. Some rentals are available for divers who want to “test it out” before purchase.

Why the Cayman Islands for Underwater Photography and Videography

The Cayman Islands are easy to get to and their crystal-clear Caribbean waters and abundant, colorful marine life make great settings for all levels of underwater photographers and videographers to practice and perfect their skills.

Clearly Cayman Dive Resorts even kick this up a notch. With our Reef Divers Valet Services and dive style, underwater artists are free to set their own pace in our mostly current-free dive conditions. As long as you remain with your buddy and follow the same dive profile set by the boat’s dive master, you can explore on your own or spend the entire dive at a single location, waiting for that perfect shot.

August 2019